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The Zen Millionaire from Japan is joining us on September 28th!


The HUM Movement is excited to present:

Ken Honda, zen millionaire and author of the best-selling book, Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money (June 4, 2019, Simon & Schuster).

 Ken is a money and happiness expert whose book sales have surpassed eight million copies since 2001. He is an engaging, insightful, and wise storyteller that makes his financial teachings accessible to anyone.


Why join us? Learn:

  • What “Happy Money” is.
  • How to cultivate a loving relationship with money.
  • What is blocking your money abundance.
  • What your beliefs are about money and how to make them positive. 
  • How to attract more money by doing less and having fun.

 Learn more about Ken at

Date:  Thursday, September 28, 2023
Time:  6 PM to 8 PM EST
Where:  Zoom

The two-hour event will include a presentation by Ken entitled,  How to Cultivate a Loving Relationship with Money, a panel discussion with Ken, a representative from the title sponsor, Mary Morassutti and Darlene Butts, as well as an audience Q and A.

Both VIP and general audience tickets will go on sale May 24, 2023! 

100 lucky VIP’s will get the royal treatment during our Ken Honda “Happy Money” event.

  1. First, a copy of “Happy Money” will be sent to your home for FREE!
  2. Secondly, you will receive a Happy Money, Happy Life gift box filled with items that will make you hum!
  3. And last but not least, only VIP members can submit their questions and five lucky VIPers will be called upon to ask their questions directly to Ken!

The total value of this package is valued over $250 (well access to Ken is priceless) and the early bird price is only $97 US!!!!

Regular pricing will begin on June 15th and will be $147 US.

It doesn’t get better than this

This whole event is centred around happy money, so we wanted everyone to have the chance to attend. 

People who live “in love” with money are doing what they love and make enough money. They may not be rich, but they truly have everything they need. They put what they love in the center of their life. They are financially comfortable, so they don’t feel stress around money in everyday life.

Therefore we have priced our early-bird general admission tickets at the low price of $33 US until June 15th (they will be $55 US thereafter) to make them accessible for everyone as it is important that these happy money strategies are shared with as many people as possible.

General admission gives you full access to the evening event!