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"Don't dance around the parameter of the person
you want to be"

~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Who is The HUM Movement for?

For those who wish to:

✔ To create success with ease and flow.
✔ Work that feels like play.
✔ Joy and bliss.
✔ Success…but struggle with self-doubt and resistance.
✔ Both impact and income and know they aren’t mutually exclusive.
✔ Peace and clarity.
✔ A life beyond work, eat, sleep and repeat.
✔ To be seen, heard, and supported by a like-minded community.

When you vibrate higher

the whole world vibrates higher!

Benefits of joining
The HUM Movement:

Online Mindset and Marketing Masterclasses

From anywhere in the world, members get FREE access to valuable content, strategies, and coaching on
the monthly Mindset and Manifestation Masterclasses with Co-founder and Soul-based Coach, Darlene Gudrie Butts, and her special guests,
as well as on the Conscious Marketing Masterclasses with fellow Co-founder and Marketing Guru, Mary Morassutti ,and her special guests.

Online Global Meetups

Meet other visionaries and change-makers from around the world
and be part of a community that wants to up-level in life and in businesss.

VIP Early Registration for in-person and online events!

Many of our events sell out so you will be able to register for any event before the general public!

Yes!!! 10% off all events!!!

You could pay for your membership just in the 10% savings alone. Every event will be discounted for members only.

The tools and support you need to find bliss!

HUM is all about tuning into the vibration of your soul to create a life of fulfilment and success on your terms.
We have been taught that if we don’t hustle, we will not succeed. All that does is burn out the brilliance you were meant to share with the world. Success should flow easily through aligned action not the daily grind.
Because success is an inside job.
And, when we HUM together, we can change the world!

Meet the Founder of The HUM Movement

Darlene Gudrie Butts

Darlene Gudrie Butts is an award-winning speaker, three-time best-selling author, and founder of the Clarity Project.

As an intuitive, soul-based coach she uses a powerful combination of psychology, strong intuition, and business strategy to help her clients overcome their fears, doubts, and insecurities.

By going deep and discovering the blocks that are hindering them from prospering both spiritually and financially, her clients rediscover their authentic self and create a life and career that is aligned and prosperous.

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