Akashic Records and Tarot Reading

Do you feel stuck?


Do you wish someone had a crystal ball to tell you what to do next?

Spend time with Darlene and gain clarity by receiving the answers you long for. She will open your Akashic Records which are the records of your soul’s impression from past lives, present situation, and future possibilities. The Akashic records are also refereed to as God’s Library and by accessing them you will receive the information you need to continue on your path to reach the highest version of yourself

What happens during a reading?

To start an Akashic Records Reading, Darlene will read a short prayer to open the Records. 

Then she tunes into your soul’s library for first impressions and will share any messages or images she receives.

Darlene will then do a Tarot spread which helps her to hone into what part of the library she should be going to. It is kind of like a regular library that has sections like history, fiction or resources and you need to know where to go. 

You will be able to ask a question or questions depending on which package you book and between the tarot and the Records your questions will be answered.

The Records do not answer questions that have a “yes” or “no” answer to them. There also is no sense of time in the Records so “when” cannot be answered either. Other than that, there are no restrictions!

At the end of the session, your Records will be closed and the session will end.

Most feel a sense of love and peace after being in the Records that can last hours, even days!

Register below!

30-minute One Question/One Tarot Card

One-Hour Life Or Business 3-Card Spread

Two-Hour Celtic Spread Reading plus Coaching

If you are stuck, needing one answer to move forward, this is for you!

It will be a 30-minutes session covering that topic/question and will be enhanced with a one card pull.

Investment in you for only $77 US

(no recording)

If you have an area, either business or life, that you need to do a deeper dive in, this is for you!

We will spend an hour together uncovering what The Records have for you and enhance it with a three Tarot-card spread showing you the past, present and future indications for this topic.

You will have access to the recording for two weeks after the session. 

Investment in you for only $111 US

If you need some deep-level answers, healing, and integration, this is for you!

The first hour will be the Akashic Reading and a full Celtic Tarot Card spread.

The second will be a life and/or business coaching session to help you determine both next steps and long-term strategies to use this information to transform your life!

You will also receive a copy of the recording of this session to listen to whenever you wish!

Investment in you for only $222 US