Masterclass: Dec. 5th 12:00 PM EST with Lorree Appleby

Make the holidays calm and bright with Lorree Appleby, Radical Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Journey Healer. 


Do you find the holidays add more stress to your already busy life? 
The added gatherings, events, shopping and traditions are wonderful, and they also create more expectations. By the time it’s all done there’s little patience left for someone who triggers you. It could be a stranger that crosses your path and more often it’s a family member just being themselves, and suddenly our judgments take over and steal our peace.
Rather than sitting around the holiday table being irritated, you can take response-ability for your trigger and turn it into a peaceful HUM.
Lorree Appleby, a Radical Forgiveness Coach and Shamanic Journey Healer, will be sharing some valuable insights to use our triggers as a way to heal and choose the power of peace instead. 

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